THE TRADITIONAL  - The "Freschi"

  Cascina San Lorenzo is a leader in techniques of breeding and selection of pigs to obtain, by strictly natural methods, meat lean as modern diets requires, and at the same time tasty as the traditional palate demands.
The secret lies in balanced feeding with high-protein cereals and aminoacids and minerals.
The result is meat which is not fat but nourishing, genuine and with proteins.


Salami to cook
The salami are a delight for the table, preserving in every occasion their personality and their taste, also when they are cooked with different techiniques: bolied, stewed or grilled.
the fresh salami to cook of Cascina San Lorenzo are an important italian tradition.
Correct cooking also reduces the amount of meat's fat content. The specialties to cook of Cascina San Lorenzo are very traditional but with a touch of originalty.
The Cotechino
The traditional cotechino is a small "salamino" with a medium fat mixture composed of shoulder pulp mixed with 30% of pig-skin. This speciality requires slow boiling for 2 hours beginning with could water. there is also the variety with truffles and it can be eaten with polenta and potatoes or spinach.
The Zampone
It's bigger and has the same mixture as cotechino, natural or with truffles, but it is made in to sausages in the skin of pork's trotter.
The cooking of the zampone is a particular because it has to be very slow, keeping the zampone in a cotton bag.
The zampone of Cascina San Lorenzo is covered with a parafin film to improve the conservation.
In this way the freshness and the quality are conserved, without adulterating taste or substance. The result is a very traditional and original product, very different from industrial ones.
The salsiccia
The "salsiccia", made with pork meat, has a mixture of thin shoulder with "pancetta" and parts of the neck together made in to sausages in a small intestine with the addition of sweet wine. the "salsiccia" is used for sausages and "lasagne" an so on.
The salamini
The salamino to cook can be boiled or grilled.
The former is made with the same mixture of cooked salami, the latter has the sausage mixture.
The Cooked Salami "Grat Taste"
There in a cooked salami "great taste" boiled and made under vacuum, that must be eaten within 3 months from the date of production.
The Pancetta
The pancetta is made in three version: with pepper, with garlic or peperoncino.
Today the pancetta is made, then it is pickled for some weeks, dried and rolled up in parchiment paper after the addition of spices.