THE  "MONFERRINI" - The Speciality


  Cascina San Lorenzo is a leader in techniques of breeding and selection of pigs to obtain, by strictly natural methods, meat lean as modern diets requires, and at the same time tasty as the traditional palate demands.

The secret lies in balanced feeding with high-protein cereals and aminoacids and minerals.

The result is meat which is not fat but nourishing, genuine and with proteins.
The sott'olio (in extra virgin olive oil)
The tradition of pork's filettes and of salamini in oplive oil is very old and it's linked with a classic technique of conservation of salamini without seasoning: immersing the products in the "duoja", special jug with handle, full of lard.
The oil protects the mean from the air, keeps it soft and gives it more taste.
Fillets and salamini are served with purč, boiled potatoes and cooked or raw vegetables.
Oil Fillets
Are parts of very lean pork mean with the "white Monferrato truffle", with walnuts or almonds, with grappa, "grignolino wine", green pepper and red pepper.
Oil Salamini
They are with the "withe monferrato truffle", with walnuts, with mushrooms or with spices.
before being put in olive oil the "salamini" are skinned, thus making them softer and tastier.
All the particular ingredientes (truffles, etc.) are used not only in the conservation oil, but also in the mixture of the meat.