Presentation Farm

  A land is everything: geographic position and culture, climate and history, men and art, flora and architecture, traditions and future, flavours and aromas.
MONFERRATO is a land in which all these aspects unite and continue to greet people in a harmonious , serene way.

This doesn't isolate it from the rest of Italy or from Europe, but rather makes it one of those places in which progress and growth are still a pleasure, tempered by the strenght of a rich past and by a positive temperament.
This array of elements is, and always will be, dear to all those who love balance in every aspect of life.

  Here, alongside just a few important industries, are countless farmers for whom working the fields is still the most important things in the world, accompanied by the processing and home consumption of products grown and animals bred.
This integrated production system is the future of this important economic sector as well as its most positive link with a past.
It is with this criterion and with this knowledge that Cascina San Lorenzo breeds its pigs for traditional gastronomic specialties that include other typical products of this zone, such as wine and truflles, among their ingredients.