THE PRODUCTS -  Traditional

  Along with our prized fresh pork, these make up Cascina San Lorenzo's classic and original production: raw salami, in its most prized versions: mulette, pure air dried ham (using only the thigh for a more tender, taster mixture), Cresponetto, caciatorini, and Monferrino which differ according to the coarseness and consistency of the mixture, as well as Bacon(with garlic, pepper, hot red pepper). to these we add cooked products to be sliced: cooked ham and cooked salami.

 Traditional cotechino and zampone merit special mention, 
as does our sausage, with its fine and delicately flavoured mixture.


THE PRODUCTS -  " Monferrini"

These are aged meats to be sliced, or small salamis and fillets, packed in jars under oil, made according to exclusive recipes that combine the tastes of the Monferrato land. They include our very special raw salami and cotechino with truffle, as well as our line 
packed in oil with grignolino, grappa, pepper and truffle.

Rice.We offer the supers Sant'Andrea variety, which perfectly combines and accompanies meat specialties for traditional risottos, salads and first courses.