THE "MONFERRINI" - The  Sausages


Cascina San Lorenzo is a leader in techniques of breeding and selection of pigs to obtain, by strictly natural methods, meat lean as modern diets requires, and at the same time tasty as the traditional palate demands.
The secret lies in balanced feeding with high-protein cereals and aminoacids and minerals.
The result is meat which is not fat but nourishing, genuine and with proteins.



Raw truffle salami
he typical aroma is obtained by adding extra virgin olive oil and white chopped Monferrato truffles to the basic meat mixture of medium fine-grain.
The meat acquires the aroma during 48 hours of drying in refrigeration cells.
Raw salami with Grignolino - Barbera or sweet Moscato wine
The mixture is made by soaking the meat in the wine for at least three weeks; then the meat is dried and worked adding same other wine.
The quality of used wines makes two different kinds of salami: stronger with Grignolino and Barbera, more delicate with Moscato.
Raw salami of "pure ham"
It's the most refined, thanks to the use only of the tigh and fresh Pancetta mixed and made into sausages in natural intestines for soft seasoning.
Raw salami with Garlic
A particular taste is given to this salami by Garlic, a vegetable rich in healthy qualities.
To aromatize the mixture, fresh garlic is crushed in a mortar and then is mixed with meat in mixer.